My name is Mike Kiniry.  This website will connect you to my various projects and passions.  I became a photographer in 1999 after inheriting an old Yashica TL-Super from a friend.  I took it to a local camera shop and they told me I might as well throw it away because its light meter was broken and it had “light leaks.”  I tried it out anyway and it seemed to work just fine.  I wound up shooting literally thousands of rolls of film thru it, and learned the art of shooting with 35mm cameras by feel without using a light meter.  I used it for years, as well as other old 35mm cameras that I began to inherit from friends once they knew what I was doing.  This was around the time pocket digital cameras starting becoming popular.

I consider myself to be a photographer of light and moments…I love shooting landscapes and interesting “lightscapes” but also people, especially children and families.  I’m available for on-site family photo shoots, as well as portraits and commissions.  Check out the above links for details.


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