Interview with Ira Glass

In February of 2007 I had the enormous pleasure of interviewing Ira Glass.  In case you aren’t familiar with him he hosts a show called This American Life which airs weekly on most public radio stations.  I had approximately 13 minutes with him…it was part of a press junket during which he would do 4 interviews an hour for about 5 hours straight. This was as the This American Live television show was being launched on Showtime.  The amazing thing about his show is its ability to get people talking as if the microphone isn’t on.  I’m not sure how they do it exactly, except of course having amazing reporters and producers, but the fact is they do it.  And the fact also is that when most people know they’re on the radio, or being recorded, it changes them somehow.  It’s like they try to talk instead of just talking… Well, that doesn’t really change no matter how much you’ve been on air, or recorded, and it’s exactly what I hoped to illustrate with the way I packaged my interview with Ira.  In homage to his show, I took a radically different approach…click Ira’s face to hear it.

And while I couldn’t have enjoyed our chat more, my favorite part was at the very end, which I decided not to include: Ira Ending


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